Getting Fit For Summer

Hasn’t the warm weather approached us quickly this year?  From baggy jumpers and jeans to the skimpy shorts and bikinis – it’s a scary thought!!  For most of us at this time of year we resolve to get fit and lose those extra kilos that we have put on over the winter months.  Subsequently, as physiotherapists we get an influx of people presenting with overuse injuries.

As physiotherapists we encourage people to stay fit and healthy, but in a controlled and progressive manner.  We all have to remember as we jump on those treadmills and hit the pavement with increased motivation to begin slowly and not overdo it, whereby injuries may result.  During fatigue we are at the greatest risk to sustain an injury. 

Furthermore, if we have underlying tightness and weakness in muscle groups, which remain undetected, this can be a major contributing factor to overuse injuries; for example, rotator cuff pathology, Achilles tendonitis and hamstring problems to name a few.

By Melanie Roberts

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