Headache Treatments with the Watson Headache Institue Approach

Whether you suffer from “tension” type headaches or “migraines” the diagnostic and treatment process is the same.  The method to diagnose a headache is able to be achieved safely and simply and in your first session we can determine whether this form of treatment may be beneficial in treating your type of headache or migraine.  There are 300 different types of headaches identified including migraine, tension, menstrual, hormonal, cervicogenic, sinus, cluster, chocolate etc, etc. but latest research suggests that the mechanism behind all of these headaches is the same and comes about due to a “sensitised brainstem”. Definitely there are things that may contribute to the “sensitisation” of the brainstem. People commonly report “triggers” such as stress, prolonged sitting, driving, neck stiffness, chocolate, menstrual cycle, wine, cheese, chocolate, dehydration, exercise and hunger which can cause their headaches.  But, the question needs to be asked “why do some people have headaches and others can do all of the above things and not suffer from headaches?”.  This answer is all within the brainstem or the Trigeminocervical Nucleus (TCN) to be technical.  We can help to not only explain why you get your headaches, but accurately and specifically tell you where exactly your headache may be coming from, making it a quicker and more effective approach than traditional physiotherapy techniques .  Patients often state that traditional physio can make their headaches worse.  With the Watson Headache Approach, there is no “cracking” or heavy mobilisation of the joints, which may actually aggravate people’s headache.  The treatment uses specific techniques, on specific areas with gentle sustained pressure to reproduce and reduce the headache symptoms.  If you would like to know more about this approach please call us on(07) 55277092.

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