Neglecting Injuries

These days we worry about our family and their health, yet seem to neglect ourselves.  We often put things off in order to please others, especially our friends and family, and forget about doing things for ourselves.  We get busy in our work and home lives and forget about the simple things like going for a walk on the beach or having a massage for relaxation.

If we have aches and pains, they are often neglected with the excuse that they will “go away”.  This is often not the case and in fact the opposite may occur, where adaptations and compensations develop to cope with the injury or dysfunction.  An example of this is with shoulder pain, which may be from a simple fall or lifting injury.  If left, compensations occur, as muscles or ligaments may be injured and prevent the muscle from contracting properly, due to pain inhibition.  This in turn means that other muscles must take over and work too hard, and therefore become tight.  The whole shoulder becomes dysfunctional and can then put extra strain on other parts of the body, for example, the neck.  This neck pain may in turn lead to headaches, and so on.  By leaving problems because you do not look after yourself as well as you would look after your loved ones may lead to a lot of long term unnecessary pain.  Think about it…if your child came home from school or footy and said that they hurt themselves, you would have them off to the doctor or physio the next day.  Take more time to love yourself, as you only have one body, so look after it!

By Melanie Roberts

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