New Years Resolution

For many our New Year’s Resolution was ‘get fit and exercise more’, however, in this day and age with our busy schedules, many of us neglect our health and physical fitness.

There are some simple solutions: Vary exercise and modify it as we go.  Build exercise into your daily life; get a friend to commit with you, set goals and get moving!! 

Do exercises at home – buy a Swiss ball –get a total body workout in the comfort of your own home.  Use weights such as a bag of rice or can of beans.  Incorporate cardio vascular fitness with strength training and stretching exercises. 

As with any exercise program you should seek advice as to the best type of exercise and concentrate on technique to avoid injury. Ask us to advise you on the most appropriate exercises and show you correct technique for maximum benefit.  There are many screening tests that can be done before partaking in exercise to detect predisposition to injuries. 

Get the right advice as to the appropriate equipment that should be used to prevent injuries.  It is a common time to see patients who have exercised too much, too quickly – increase gradually.  If you have any niggling aches or pains – don’t neglect them and assume they will go away by themselves – seek help sooner rather than later.

By Melanie Roberts

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