Physio Tips for Around the House

  1. Do not sit in a chair for too long when watching TV or reading.  Get up and move around every 30 minutes,


  1. Use an upright vacuum cleaner that is not too heavy to push.  Do not bend over when pushing the vacuum cleaner,


  1. When getting the clothes off the line – lower the line so that you do not have to reach up too high, this may cause shoulder and neck pain,


  1. Use a trolley to carry washing to and from the clothes line, especially wet clothes which can be very heavy,


  1. Do not sit at a computer too long.  Get up and stretch regularly. Buy a comfortable, adjustable computer chair with a good lower back support,


  1. Sit down when ironing clothes.  Adjust the ironing board to a low level, this will decrease low back pain from standing too long and rotating from side to side,


  1. When making a cup of tea or coffee only fill the kettle with the amount of water required so that the kettle is not too heavy.


  1. When cooking vegetables or pasta do not fill the saucepan fully as this may be too heavy.  Avoid lifting the saucepan by sliding it across to the sink when possible and pour into a colander below by tipping.


  1. When peeling vegetables use large handled utensils and peel sitting down to rest your back and legs,


  1. When cleaning, avoid bending over and carrying heavy buckets of water.  Fibre fabric technology is a good solution,


 By Melanie Roberts

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