Take the Strain Off

Is your child’s school bag damaging their spine?  If it’s too heavy or incorrectly carried it might be.

Do them a favour and encourage them to use their backpack correctly and take some simple steps to prevent back complaints.

Many of us complain of a bad back at some stage in our lives and for some it becomes a debilitating condition.

By teaching your kids to take care of their spines from an early age we can help prevent serious damage to their backs.

Many children suffer from back and neck pain at some time during their school years. 

This can be due to a number of factors, including poor posture, prolonged sitting and the use of computers, and every-day load carrying such as the heavy school bag.

Children need to be reminded that a heavy bag, and carrying their bag incorrectly, can result in a back injury which can prevent them from participating in sport and other recreational activities, not least of all, causing them pain from spinal stress and dysfunction.

A backpack that has wide straps and allows for even weight distribution across the shoulders and is adjustable to allow for proper fitting and growth is the best choice.

Generally, a young person shouldn’t lift anything that is more than ten per cent of their bodyweight.  Remind your kids to lift their backpack safely by bending at the knees and keeping their back straight.

Encourage them to develop good posture, sensible lifting and generally take care of their back.

Promote physical activity, to strengthen their back but teach them to always be careful and warm up before any strenuous exercise.

A back injury can negatively impact your child’s health for years to come so do them a big favour and make sure they have a backpack which fits properly, isn’t too heavy and is carried correctly.

 By Melanie Roberts

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