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July 2020

Glenohumeral internal rotation deficit (GIRD) in the throwing athlete

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27/07/2020 09:00 AM
GIRD is a common condition in overhead or throwing athletes, particularly baseball pitchers. This condition is caused by excessive overload of the shoulder in end of range external rotation and...


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20/07/2020 09:00 AM
What is a scoliosis and what can I do about it? Have you ever noticed a curvature in your spine? Do you feel like your shoulders or hips are uneven when you look in the mirror? Have you ever been...

Reformer Pilates

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13/07/2020 09:00 AM
Reformer Pilates is a style of Pilates training that uses the Pilates reformer shown in the picture below. The reformer looks like a small bed and has springs, a sliding carriage, ropes and pulleys....

Tennis Elbow

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06/07/2020 09:00 AM
How do I know if I have tennis elbow? Lateral epicondylitis, otherwise known as “tennis elbow” is one of the most common injuries of the elbow. It is caused by overuse or repetitive strain involving...