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September 2020

The Truth About Swelling

Posted By ,
28/09/2020 09:00 AM
Most people have experienced an injury at some point that has resulted in swelling around the affected area. Common areas of the body that are prone to swelling from injury include the ankles, feet,...

Runner's Knee

Posted By ,
21/09/2020 09:00 AM
The term “runner’s knee” is an umbrella term used to describe pain around the front of the knee or under the kneecap. This is known amongst health professionals as “patellofemoral pain syndrome”. The...

Osgood Schlatter's Disease

Posted By Dean Coruz,
14/09/2020 09:00 AM
Have you been told that your child has Osgood Schlatter’s disease? If you have been to your GP who has told you that your child’s pain in the front of their knee is due to Osgood Schlatter’s, then...

Prevention & Management of Ankle Sprains

Posted By ,
07/09/2020 13:00 PM
Prevention and management of ankle sprains Ankle sprains are a very common injury in many sports. Here are some facts about ankle sprains: Currently, non-surgical management with rehab is the most...