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Choosing The Correct Mattress

Posted By Melanie Roberts  
12:00 PM

We spend about a third of our lives in bed sleeping, so choosing the correct mattress is very important. What is the correct mattress you ask? Well, a mattress needs to support your spine and all of your joints but still offer you comfort. A mattress that is too soft will fail to offer correct support and one which is too hard will not only be uncomfortable but could lead to more pain if pressure is added across your joints and tendons etc (such as in Gluteus Medius tendinopathy in your lateral hip). As your mattress gets older it may offer less support and therefore need to be changed, especially if you find you are waking up in the morning with more pain or discomfort. Sometimes sleeping in a “newer” bed in the house can give you this information too. Also, as you get older your needs may change too. You may have liked a firmer bed when you were younger and now if you have some painful joints you may like a pillow top on the bed (or an overlay like an eggshell), or a slightly softer feel – but not too soft as you need the support remember?! It is important to invest in a good quality mattress (the best you can afford) as it does not only allow for a better sleep but supports your spine and joints, which otherwise can lead to pain and dysfunction. Plus, it will last longer, so in the long term will be a better investment not only financially but into your health. The mattress should be changed about every 10 years if it is a good quality one.