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TMJ (Jaw) Pain & Dysfunction

Posted By Jeff Bridges  
09:00 AM

A very common source of facial pain can come from the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) or the jaw.  One of the most common causes of facial pain, headaches, ear related pain and abnormal clicking can come from TMJ dysfunction.  It remains one of the most untreated and poorly treated areas in the musculoskeletal system.  TMJ dysfunction can be characterized by pain the temporal and facial region, restriction in jaw movement, clicking and sometimes even locking of the joint in the jaw.  A number of reasons can be attributed  to TMJ dysfunction including stress, clenching and grinding, abnormal eating habits and malocclusions.  It can also be related to significant dental work such as extractions or ill-fitting appliances.  Recognising this particularly painful limitation or annoyance is the first step, then you need to get the right treatment.  Jeff Bridges a physiotherapist at Gold Coast Sports & Spinal Physio has been providing successful management of TMJ dysfunction for a number of years.  He is also currently studying dentistry and works closely alongside dentists, GPs, ENT and Dental Prosthetists to provide a team management approach as required.  Book online today.