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Acute Lateral Ankle Sprain Management

Posted By Haeley Kan,
26/05/2022 11:06 AM
Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries to occur in the athletic and general population. Of all ankle sprains, more than three-quarters are lateral ankle sprains. It results from a forced pl...

Hamstring Strains

Posted By Naysan Abood,
26/05/2022 11:00 AM
What is a hamstring strain? Hamstring tears are one of the most common sporting injuries that occur where the muscle fibres in the back of your thigh are damaged when overstretched or overloaded....

Preventive Programs Prior to Knee Replacement

Posted By Curtis Young,
16/05/2022 08:59 AM
Benefits of Preoperative Physiotherapy Programs prior to Total Knee Arthroplasty Many patients will undergo Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA) in the hopes of gaining better functional outcomes in terms...