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How to Choose the Right Pillow

Posted By Melanie Roberts  
09:00 AM

It is very important to choose the correct pillow to support the weight of your head.  Did you know that your head weighs around 5kg?  That is a lot of weight to have unsupported on your neck.  If the pillow is too high your neck will be overly stretched on the bottom (close to the bed) and the vertebra compressed at the top if the pillow is too low their will be little support and the vertebra overly compressed on the bottom (close to the bed) and stretched at the top.  This puts strain on the muscles, the joint capsule, the nerve structures to name a few.  Over a period of time you can imagine what it is doing to your neck.  Long term use of the wrong pillow can contribute to cervicogenic headaches (headaches from your neck) or chronic neck pain.  If you are seeing a physio or chiro and you have not had your pillow looked at, this would be my first suggestion in getting better.  The density of the pillow need to be firm enough to support the 5kg and should be the correct height to keep your spine in a neutral position.  A feather pillow just does not work by the way!!!  We have different styles of pillows in stock for you to view if you are interested.