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These Shoes Are Meant for Walking

Posted By Melanie Roberts  
09:00 AM

Which shoes are good for walking?  If I had a dollar for every time I was asked which are the best walking shoes….Well you know how it goes!  Basically there are so many shoes on the market and most of them are good shoes, just some are better than others in the way of walking.  It also depends on the type of foot you have; are you an over pronator or do you over supinate?  Is your foot wide or narrow and do you have any pain in your feet?  It is important to be comfortable in any footwear you buy.  They also need to fit the budget.  There is no point going out and buying the best running shoe on the market and spending a lot of money if you are not a runner and only wear your shoes a few times a week to go for a walk along the esplanade to keep fit.  Whilst cushioning is important so is the support.  The shoe needs to have a good heel counter to support the heel of the foot (you can test this by squeezing the heel of the shoe – it should be firm).  The shoe should have good support and not twist in the middle of the shoe (test this by twisting the shoe, like you would wring out a towel) and finally the shoe should not flex a lot in the middle of the shoe, but it should bend at the toes, to allow for normal walking.  If the shoe is too rigid it can also cause problems.  There are lots of different things to look for in a shoe apart from the nice colours or the trendy brands.  If you have any further questions or need an assessment of your foot posture call us or book online today